Do you enjoy cultural riches? Europe is crammed full of history, museums, and culture. Getting to see everything you want always proves to be a bit difficult. This is made worse by the fact that many of the roads in Europe seem to be as old as some of the artefacts that you want to see. It would be a shame to spoil a perfect sightseeing trip with such imperfect roads and heightened stress that you get from driving around a big city. Imagine entering a place of interest all sweaty and uncomfortable, tired from spending so much time trying to get there. It is very difficult to appreciate the masterpieces of human genius, the treasures of lost civilisations, and the ambient atmosphere in such a state. And if you are travelling in convoy with a number of other cars or minibuses, this problem is compounded, often to the point of completely ruining your day out.

Hire a coach to really enjoy your trip!

Avoid the stress, the heat, and the annoyance of driving by hiring a coach. Your driver will navigate the route, traffic jams, and conditions of the roads leaving you to concentrate on forging forever lasting memories with the other members of your group. Instead of the arduous journey, you can enjoy the city sights, the landscape and everything going on around you. Is this not a wonderful prelude to the main attraction that you are heading to? There will be no more stress for you and everyone on the party will be thanking you for it. This solution is even more advantageous in the more environmentally aware generation that we are living in as travelling by coach is significantly less damaging for the atmosphere than travelling in multiple vehicles. In fact, it even works out to be cheaper per person if there are enough of you. Our services offer a wide range of coaches to suit your needs; from a small minibus up to an 88 seater coach.

We guarantee each vehicle to be in tip top shape and impeccable condition with many options to give you the best possible trip to ensure you are completely comfortable. You can watch TV, bring your own DVD’s or use the selection that the driver has to keep everyone occupied on long trips. Each seat has a three-point seat belt to ensure safety for all passengers and of course, if needed booster seats will be obtained. The coaches are fitted with toilets (for obvious reasons) and if you desire there are a number of different setups on the coaches such as tables with backward facing seats etc.

Give yourself the trip you deserve

Why make life complicated by driving and being in charge of so many different vehicles? Just to say that you’ve made it? Why not enjoy the whole day, including the journey! This increases the pleasure of your visit rather than sully the waters by worrying whether everyone has got there on time, not got lost, not this and not that? You are on holiday- enjoy yourself!

Trust Eurotravelstar and use our coach hire for your trip; whatever your needs, whatever the distance, we have a complete solution to make sure your cultural experience is of the highest quality from beginning to end. Sink into the enchantment that only the rich culture of Europe can provide and craft and form memories that only you can do. See what kinds of trips are available to you such as the Hergé Museum in Belgium or a complete seven-day trip.

You can request a no obligation quote online. Your rental quote will be simulated free and will be sent as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you and giving you the trip you deserve!