What we offer

We are proud to offer you fully luxurious chauffeur driven cars to ensure that all your transportation needs in and around Europe are taken care of. Our fleet of vehicles are always new to ensure they are the most recent models as well as being fully equipped giving you the service you expect. All of our drivers undergo comprehensive training to ensure they are discrete and polite as well as being great drivers. They will be on stand-by whenever you need them so you can rest easy knowing that you are in capable hands.

See the Sights!

As well as our bespoke chauffeur service we also offer specialised sightseeing tips where you are driven around Brussels, London, Paris, Madrid, Copenhagen, Wien, Barcelona and many more cities throughout Europe. Check out a sample tour for an idea of what we can do for you.

Security Measures for your Safety

We know that your security is of utmost importance so we make sure that our drivers are fully vetted before they are able to work with us. Furthermore, if you feel that you need extra care we have bodyguards at our disposal if you feel the need. As well as this, we are proud of our association with Abelag private airport in Brussels so we can transport you to your aircraft in a quick, easy way, cutting through all the extraneous details that you have to endure when you fly.

Eurotravelstar in short

The Eurotravelstar choice!

  • Eurotravelstar can organize all your transportation to and from airports, stations, hotels, offices, meetings, town centres, out of town locations, and anywhere else besides.
  • Our drivers can be on standby all-day for all your transportation needs.
  • 24/7 service.
  • We can help organise every aspect of your trip saving you and your clients time.
  • Experienced and multilingual drivers!

Great Impressions guaranteed!

Eurotravelstar has been providing the highest quality service for over 15 years and boasts a clientele including some of the rich and famous. Of course, discretion is guaranteed and we are able to deliver on our promise of getting you where you need to be, when you need to be there, without fuss. Our intricate knowledge of the area of your travel is assured by giving you a local driver, who knows not just the ins and outs of the city but also the local customs so you won’t slip up by doing something that offends any of the locals.

We only run luxurious cars (Volvos S80, Mercedes S class, Mercedes E class) equipped with the latest technology and comfort to ensure you are given the best possible ride. As well as this, our drivers have been trained to drive in the smoothest way possible, giving you a feeling of “floating on the roads”. You are abroad in a foreign country but you don’t need to feel like an alien. With Eurotravelstar you will get the comfort you want whilst getting to your destination on time!

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