Ah, theme parks! Certainly one of the prides of Europe! Everyone wants to claim back some of their childhood again and recapture those special memories. Europe has a huge plethora of enchanting theme parks including Disneyland Paris, Asterix (France), Efteling (Netherlands), and Walibi (Belgium) to name just a few.

Enjoy the day with your family, friends, or co-workers and tap into that inner child that you’ve been hiding away for all those years.


Getting there can be an absolute nightmare. How many times have you got lost, missed the turn off and ended up having to turn around but can’t work out how? Even if you don’t get lost can you contend easily with traffic, finding a parking space and dealing with an unfamiliar road setup? And the net result is that you finally arrive at the park frazzled, worn out and can’t really enjoy the day.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could enjoy the journey to the park, have meaningful conversations with the others you are travelling with and actually enjoy the ride?

The Solution

The solution to this is one word: Eurotravelstar. Our expertise in chauffeur driven vehicles covers the entire Europe. We have driven thousands of people all over Europe to many different amusement parks. We have earned a reputation of trust and reliability over the past 15+ years and this makes us the preferred choice of so many. In fact, if you aren’t sure of where you want to go to and want some advice just get in touch and we can help you out.

We have an extensive network and we cater for all forms of travel. From a small family or group that can do with an MPV for up to five people to a 16 seater minibus, or even one of our extra-large coaches that can hold up to 88 people in comfort. Or if you really want to push the boat out, arrive by helicopter! Of course, to true Eurotravelstar standard, there is plenty of leg-room, luggage space and comfort to suite your needs. We know you are going there on a holiday and we want the travel to and from your destination be part of your enjoyment and fun.

No more stressful travel for you or your group. You’ll be free to explore Disneyland Paris, and go from the ancient Jedi training academy to the super-fast Space Mountain: Mission 2, and the latest attraction launched in spring 2016 named Forest of Enchantment. Enjoy the golf course, shops, restaurants, and bars and really feel part of the place. Visit Parc Asterix in Picardy and travel back in time through the streets of Paris, from the middle ages to the nineteenth century, face the Vikings, plunge into Greek mythology and of course, don’t miss visiting that small village of the indomitable Gauls! Or head to the Netherlands and the enchanting world of Efteling, its magical mix of elves and trolls, its scenic “Dreamflight,” the wooden and steel roller-coasters and other "magical" adventures.

Give yourself the best possible break

Get an unforgettable day where the only annoying thing you’ll have to face is the lines for some of the rides. However, as we have much experience having transported so many people to these tourist attractions over the years we can often give you the inside scoop on what is really worth going to and what is worth avoiding as well as best times to go. We can drive you in the most comfortable conditions to the best and biggest parks anywhere in Europe. Simply get in touch with us and we will give you a complete solution. Get together with your group, forget about the driving, and enjoy really being part of the group. The price of the rental will be insignificant in comparison to the memories you will form. We are looking forward to hearing from you!