Impressions mean a lot in the world of business. It is often the little things that make the difference between getting a deal or not. In fact, it may be as insignificant as the taste of the complimentary cake that you offer a potential client that clinches the deal or not. Many businesses have clients coming into Europe from all over the world. Wouldn’t you like to impress them from the word go? Well, with Eurotravelstar you can with our personalised chauffeur service!

Picking clients up: the problem

Many companies send one of their own to pick up an existing or potential client from the airport. They are expected to act as a pseudo taxi driver for this important guest. However, there are numerous problems with this method:

  • Sending the cleanest car: you may send someone who’s car may not be in pristine condition. Even if the car in question is top of the range, it may not necessarily be kept in the best possible shape for the customer.
  • Knowing the route: even assuming that the car is perfect, the driver will not know the roads and area as well as a professional driver.
  • Etiquette: as a company you need to know that your driver will know all the unspoken rules about passengers. Knowing when the passenger wants to engage in conversation but more importantly knowing when not to.
  • Cost: is sending your own worker cost effective? You have to pay for the loss of work as well as the time taken off. Is that really worth it?

Picking clients up: the solution

It’s really simple and it’s only one word: Eurotravelstar! With Eurotravelstar you can become a subcontractor. You give us the details and we can pick up anyone you want at any location in Europe. We will use your own host panel so it appears as if you have your own chauffeur driven service, which in fact you do. Our cars, limousines, coaches, and anything in between are of the highest possible quality. Moreover, we get them professionally cleaned after every trip to ensure they stay in pristine condition. Thanks to our extensive network, we will invariably provide you with local drivers, who know the roads inside out. They will get your clients to where they need to be at the appointed time.

All of our drivers are thoroughly vetted before they work for us in order to ensure we provide the best possible service to you. This means knowing that when your client is picked up, they will not be met with someone tired, angry, or stressed. This is our promise to you and one of the reasons why our customers keep on coming back. We have been serving the public for close to 20 years and have forged many successful business and personal relationships with companies.

Get in touch

Create the best possible impression and get in touch today! Simply send us an email and we will get back to you within 36 hours with a personalised quote that we are confident will surprise you. We will charge you, the company, as opposed to the actual client in order to give the best impression that we are working as a branch of your company, which in a sense, we are. We are your personalised chauffeur service.

You will be spared the hassle of trying to find a free employee and you will increase your chances of success. We can’t wait to start working with you and look forward to a fruitful relationship not only with us but also with your clients!