Work while you travel!

How do you get to work? Do you drive, take a train, bus, or even cycle? Don’t you feel that often it’s such a missed opportunity to work. You can’t work properly in a car, it’s simply not safe and even if you could it is going to be cramped and impossible to organise yourself properly. What about on a bus? It may have Wi-Fi but you definitely cannot work easily. Is there any way that you can utilise your time in the most efficient way?

Think about for a minute. Let’s say your daily commute is 30 minutes each way. Using simple maths we see that for every five day working week you are losing out on five hours of work. If you could work then you would have extra time to spend with your family and friends, you would get so much more work done, and you would be really utilising your time in full.

Working on the train?

What about by train? Well, for sure modern trains allow you to work and take your computer with you, many now have Wi-Fi with some of the companies offering it as a complimentary service. However, being able to work on the train isn’t without it’s difficulties. You are dependent on scheduling, getting the right seat and being able to contend with people constantly looking over your shoulder. Not just that but there are often disturbances on the train, jostling, announcements, and myriad other things that put you off your work, disrupt your thought pattern, and in general are a nuisance.

Do you think you can work whilst on the move? Is it a utopian dream that doesn’t have any semblance of reality? Well, with Eurotravelstar it’s no longer a pipe dream.

Work on move in complete comfort!

Eurotravelstar is well known for specialising in chauffeur driven services. We have taken this service to the next level with our specialised Mercedes Sprinter minibus. A minibus is a minibus right? WRONG! We have stripped it out and created a real mobile office space. With beautiful wood panelling, retractable computer screens, ample sized desks, as well as other office conveniences you will have an office on the move. Of course this will be in complete privacy that full tinted windows provide. Instead of having 16 seats there are just four luxurious ones. You can say goodbye to back pain with ergonomically designed seats so you can work in the same way that you expect to do so in your office. In fact, most people find the seats even more comfortable than those in their office. As well as this, our mobile office is equipped with modern IT equipment, full internet access, large retractable screens/monitors, space for a keyboard, mouse, and for your notepad as well on the built in desks. Of course, as travels can be long there is a small kitchenette and bar to store food and drinks for your journey.

What you get on your travels

With our Mercedes Sprinter minibus, you get tranquillity knowing you won’t have the stress of driving, you’ll have your own experienced driver who knows where you need to get to at the appointed time. You’ll have ample space and privacy as well as climate control that you are in charge of. In fact, you can even arrange small discussions on the way to big meetings with clients in the comfort and privacy of the minibus. There is no “bling” on the outside of the minibus and it is only “eye-catching” from the inside. This is on purpose in order to give you the highest level of privacy afforded by working on a minibus.

In short, you get the best of both worlds, a complete office solution with completely personalised travel arrangements. It’s like taking your office with you. Suffice it to say that the money you spend on the rental will feel paltry in comparison to the time you’ll save, the work you’ll get done, and the comfort you’ll get whilst traveling around.

Please note that this vehicle is stationed in Paris. However, as we are a cross Europe company we can make arrangements as needed. Daily rental only, minimum eight hours.